The cowpea is a culture of African origin, introduced in Brazil in the second half of the 16th century by Portuguese colonizers in the State of Bahia.

There are reports that in 1568 there was already an indication of the existence of many beans in Brazil and that in 1587 a wide variety of beans and broad beans was grown in Bahia.

Although it is not possible to specify which beans were grown, the evidence that cowpea was one of them is very strong, since, since the foundation of Bahia as the administrative capital of Brazil in 1549, trade with West Africa , from Guinea to Angola, was very intense.

Specifications :

Humidity : Max 13,5%

Broken and broken grains : Max 1,00%

Foreign matters : Max 0,70%

Impurities : Max 0,50 %

Total defects: Max 4,00%